The Thalassofiles
The Thalassofiles
Storytelling + Photography + Nature
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Your brand is more than just the products and services that you offer. You have worked hard to bring an idea to fruition and develop something that people can use and enjoy, and now it is time to get the word out. These days, it is important to develop brands that are relatable to consumers. Maddie understands the value of crafting interactive content that gives people a glimpse into an experience that you can help them to create. By combining words and photography, she uses the power of storytelling to honestly showcase not only your brand, but the story behind it and the lifestyle beyond it.

Let Maddie help your brand to thrive. Here are the services that she currently offers.


Brand Storytelling

Your blog is your place to get creative, share your story, and invite people to become a part of that narrative. It’s time to bring your brand to life. Maddie can work with you to develop your a unique voice, connect with your audience and advocates, and build a community through the power of blogging. Let’s start unravelling the possibilities!


Brand + Lifestyle Photography

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But what if you could make it worth more? By having quality lifestyle photography for your brand, you dare people to imagine how they can write your products into their own storylines. Maddie will creatively capture candid moments and everyday adventures that coincide with your vision.