Nicky Sandover: Musical Candle Maker

Nicky Sandover: Musical Candle Maker

Photography courtesy of Nicky Sandover.

Nicky Sandover is a surfer, musician, and creative entrepreneur from Perth who embodies the carefree beauty of the Western Australian “surfer-girl lifestyle.” This adventurous lover of life’s simple pleasures has launched Coconut Gypsy candles, which are renewable, eco-friendly, and perfect for a little tropical inspiration. We were excited to catch up with Nicky and hear a bit more of her story.

In a few words, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m really good at reverse parallel parking. Like really good. I love surfing and I love music, guitar especially. I am obsessed with simplicity but struggle to find it. I am a huge fan of Perth but I love to travel. I’ve always wanted to try to “make it” as a self-employed person but it has taken me a long, long time to have the courage to try.

How did Coconut Gypsy come to be?

There’s something about coconut-smelling candles that makes me feel at home. I love the feeling I get when I come in from the beach, or home after a tough day, or even home after a great day – lighting a candle and feeling, for a moment, peace. I wanted to be able to create that for other people.

What makes your candles unique?

Our three fragrances are specifically “coastal” or have “tropical” kinds of scents – we are not trying to be all things to all people. Our packaging is an experience – I haven’t seen any other companies use the hessian wrapping that we use.

Can you describe the Western Australian “surfer-girl lifestyle” that inspires your Coconut Gypsy creations?

Early morning surfs. Late night jams. Road trips. Windows down. Salty hair. Post-surf hammock session. Beach houses. Camping. Good tunes.

If you could put your personality into a signature candle, what would it be like?

It would be a candle that burns fast in the morning, slow in the afternoon and fast again in the evening.

How has growing up near the sea influenced who you have become?

The ocean is where I go when I need a shake-up, when I feel a bit down, when I need inspiration and when it’s a bloody hot day in Perth! Surfing is how I like to catch up with friends and make new ones. It’s a lifestyle and it infiltrates in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Where do you find your inspiration for making candles, creating music, and living life?

Travelling always provides good inspiration, somewhere far away from my mobile phone. I’m fortunate enough to have some very creative, positive and inspiring friends, and that definitely helps.

What is your idea of the perfect day?

Run / surf / yoga / stretching.
Avocado on toast with lemon.
Coffee so good that it doesn’t need sugar.
Catch up on my admin.
Guitar and singing practice.
Candle work.
Rehearsal with the band / gig.
Espresso martini.

All made even better if my boyfriend is rostered off work!

Except for the espresso martini, most of my days are kind of like this. I’m really loving my routine at the moment!!

In a world of endless possibilities, what is in store for you and your creative endeavours?

I’m not too sure what’s in store. I made a decision about a year ago to stop setting specific goals and just aim to get as much done each day as I can with relation to improving in music and expanding Coconut Gypsy. I’ve found the process so much more enjoyable.

I have booked some studio time in next month to record a couple of my tracks and would like to do some touring this year. We’re also looking to expand on our candle range within the next couple of months and also focus a lot more on our marketing.

I generally like to take it as it comes but I think if I can keep on doing what I can each day to improve the music project and Coconut Gypsy, then it should be a really fun year!

How would one go about getting some Coconut Gypsy goodness for themselves?

The best place to go is our website.

You can purchase them directly from there but it also lists some of our stockists as well!


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