Tried & True: Mermaid Magic 10" D-Fin

Tried & True: Mermaid Magic 10" D-Fin

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Australian-based ladies’ surf hardware brand extraordinaire, She Project. Have you ever met a surfer chick who would say no to adding a bit of flair to her kit without sacrificing function? I haven’t! So when the opportunity presented itself to take the new Mermaid Magic 10″ D-fin Noserider for a spin, I couldn’t resist. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

I’ve heard it said that first impressions are very important, so I will begin by saying that I was pretty hooked at first sight of this beauty. She Project prides itself on being “a reflection of the female surfer, our graceful approach, our unique style, our expression” and has already created a pretty good reputation with its stylishly designed fins, tail pads, and other accessories. The Mermaid Magic is no exception. It is easy on the eyes and painted with a design that is feminine but not too girly. It even comes in a pretty pink cover and none of that disposable plastic packaging that we environmentally-minded people worry about. Not bad!

To say that I was looking forward to going for a few lady slides with the fin is an understatement. As soon as the surf was half-decent, I was out in the waves with my 9’2″ longboard and new fin in tow. I had been told by some fellow surfers that D-fins are good for nose riding but require a bit of sacrifice in the maneuverability department. Perhaps conventional D-fins are tricky to turn, but I had no problems with maneuvering my mal with this one.

So how about that nose riding? After all, it must be called a nose rider for a reason. Before I get into that, I will start by saying that the surf conditions where I am have not been ideal over the past few weeks, though I did get the pleasure of taking this fin out into some little point break beauties yesterday. I will also say that my current board is probably one of the more difficult longboards to nose ride, due to its unconventional shape. That said, I was thoroughly impressed, and those factors just make this fin seem even better. I got in some sneaky little trips toward the nose of the board, and I smile just thinking of the ride I could get with better waves and a rounder-nosed board.

There really isn’t much about this fin that I don’t like. Because it is painted, there is the risk of a bit of the design chipping around the edges with the normal wear and tear that a well-loved fin will inevitably endure. Nothing a bit of matte paint varnish can’t fix though.

It must be called Mermaid Magic for a reason, because it definitely made my rides a bit more magical. For aspiring mermaids like myself, this fin is a must-have, and it will travel with me wherever I go on my wave-seeking adventures. If you’re looking for a bit of style for your shortboard, or even if you’d like to check out a few different longboard fin options, She Project has you covered too!

UPDATE: After writing this review many months ago, I have taken this fin out in many different conditions, from smooth Waikiki sliders to more unpredictable waves. It remains my fin of choice, turning smoothly and giving me ample opportunities to practice my cross-stepping. This fin will be in my surf essentials bag for quite a while.

Thank you to She Project for providing me with a free fin to play with in exchange for an honest review.


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