The Thalassofiles
The Thalassofiles
Storytelling + Photography + Nature

thalassofile |ˈˌTHaləˌsōˈfīl |

noun the story of an ocean lover

origin from Greek thalassa 'sea' + FILE

The Thalassofiles is a collection of writing and visuals about nature, adventure, and life.

We dance in the rain, get saltwater in our hair, and can't seem to stay out of the water. We try new things, brave it through the valleys, and marvel atop the mountains. Sometimes we are beginners, and sometimes we fall flat on our faces and have to help each other get up and keep on keeping on. And it's okay.

About Maddie Buresh

Maddie is a writer and photographer with a degree in Marine Vertebrate Biology. She has a seemingly unquenchable desire to travel, immerse herself in the great outdoors, try new things, and share those experiences with others through her writing. 

While she enjoys exploring the experiences of life through writing, Maddie is also quite fond of talking story and looking for the perfect accessories and essentials for her sunny, salty, and sometimes muddy lifestyle. And when she isn't doing that, she is probably spending time with her friends' kids or trying to find the cutest coffee shop with the best chai latté.